Top Music videos reached 1 billion views on youtube

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As I promised, we are not going to focus on a specific genre of music. In this article, we are going to review four music videos that passed the 1 billion view landmark. Please note, that there are more than four videos with 1 billion views. I selected these for finding them to be more interesting.

1- Gangnam style

Who would have thought that a song written in Korean about the red district of Seoul would be the most viewed youtube video-clip of all time? The 2012 hit by PSY is full of unorthodox dance moves which apparently appeals to the mass audience. The video views have surpassed 3 billion

2- Uptown funk

The second place is 2014 hit (by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars) with more than 2 billion views. The common features of these videos is plenty of funky dance moves which makes people to watch them over and over again.

3- Thinking out load

The third-place belongs to this 2014 music by English singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran. It has been streamed 2.8 times on youtube as of Sept 2019. This romantic song combined with relating dance attracted billions of viewers globally.

4- See you again

The 2015 movie song by Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth, is in the fourth place of the list. All the supercars in the video combined with attraction of Fast and Furious 7 cast and also the tragic loss of Paul Walker pushed this song to break billion view milestone on youtube. Quite an emotional piece of work especially for series fans.

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